3D Modeling of Human Lip Motion

Sumit Basu, Nuria Oliver and Alex Pentland
Vision and Modeling Group, MIT Media Lab
Cambridge, MA 02139-1130


We present a 3D model of human lips and develop a framework for training it from real data. We also develop a new method for tracking the lips and estimating their 3D pose from 2D video data using this model. The model starts off with generic physics specified with the finite element method and ``learns'' the correct physics through observations. The model's physics allow physically-based regularization between sparse observation points and the resulting set of deformations are used to derive the correct physical modes of the model. We demonstrate how the model can be used to accurately reconstruct 3D lip shape from 2D data, and then apply our tracking method to reconstruct 3D lip shape from unmarked video data (i.e., no lipstick or special markers). The resulting model and analysis method can be applied at any pose to robustly estimate and synthesize the lip shape.

Last revised 17may97

Nuria Oliver / MIT Media Lab