News and Jobs!

I am the first Chief Data Scientist at Data-Pop Alliance and Chief Scientific Advisor to the Vodafone Institute. Since Dec 2018, I am a Fellow at the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering

In 2020 I plan to create and launch an ELLIS Unit in Alicante, devoted to Human(ity) Centric Artificial Intelligence

I have been awarded the Data Scientist of the Year award!

Three new papers on FATEN, a framework for algorithmic governance; Bridging and Bonding structures in social capital published in PLOS ONE and Strategies and Limitations in app usage, published in Nature Scientific Reports!

I have been selected to be 1 of 10 Spanish representatives of the Civil Society at the Summit for the Two Shores

I have been selected to be part of a group of experts to the Spanish Government on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Two recent, important speeches: (1) at the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering and its updated version; and (2) at the Honorary Doctorate award ceremony.

Our chapter in the book on "Trust::Data: A New Framework for Identity and Data Sharing" is available on Amazon!! with Sandy Pentland et al. 

I have been named an IEEE Fellow (class 2017), an ACM Fellow (2017), a member of the CHI Academy (2018) and I have received an Honorary Doctorate from the University Miguel Hernandez (2017-2018). It's the first time that a female computer scientist in Spain is awarded these recognitions together. I am a Fellow of the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering and of the Academia Europaea.

After more than 8 wonderful years as Scientific Director at Telefonica R&D, I have decided to embark in new research adventures. I am extremely proud of my work at Telefonica, helping establish and lead new research areas such as machine learning, Big Data analysis, human computer interaction and intelligent interfaces, personalization and recommendations, multimedia data analysis, etc... in a variety of use cases including customer service, business intelligence, new data-driven services and Big Data for Social Good.

I have been named one of five 2016 Fellows of the European Association of Artificial Intelligence (eurAI)

In 2018 I have received several awards

In 2017 I have received several awards: IMPORTANTE award by Informacion newspaper, the EVAP Diversity award, the Medal to Business and Social Impact by the Government of Valencia and the Spanish Computer Science Award (Angela Ruiz Robles category).

In 2016 I have received several awards: the European Digital Woman of the Year (European Ada Byron Award), the Gaudi Gresol Award to Excellence in Science and Technology, the Ada Byron Award and I have been named one of the Top100 Women in Spain in the Academics/Scientists category. 

I have been recognized by the ACM as an ACM Distinguished Scientist and I am honored to be the first Spanish female computer scientist to receive this award.

My paper on the future of the mobile phone is among the top 10 most read technology articles in EL PAIS newspaper

In 2015 I have invested significant outreach effort to make science and technology more accessible to the general public.

Our paper on boredom detection has won best paper award at ACM Ubicomp 2015!  and have been featured in MIT Technology Review and other media.

I am co-organizer of the first TEDxBCN conference devoted to Education !!

I gave a TEDxRamblas talk in Barcelona entitled "The Invisible Army: Small Helpers for Big Problems ", a  TEDx Barcelona talk entitled "My cellphone, my partner" and a WIRED London talk entitled "Big Data for Social Good"

Another one of our Ubicomp papers has been featured at MIT Technology Review and the Washington Post.