Program Committees and Service

Over the years, I have served in the Program Committee of a variety of conferences. Below are the most recent ones.

I serve in the external scientific advisory board of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies at the UPF (2015-present), the OnGranada tech city project, the UOC Plan Avanza by the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute, the UOC eHealth Center (2017-present), the Carlos III University Data Science curriculum (2017), the LASIGE (Large Scale Informatics Systems Laboratory) department in the University of Lisboa (2017-present), the CiTIUS center (2018-present) and the Department of Informatics at Kings College London (2018-present).

I am on the advisory board of the Initiative for Analytics and Data Science Standards (IADSS), Mahindra Comviva, Women@TheTable

I am a member of a Global Future Council on the New Metrics, within the Center for the New Economy and Society at the World Economic Forum (2018-2019).

I was honored to serve as a member of the ACM IUI oversight committee created in 2012 and commissioned to provide recommendations to the SIGART and SIGCHI leadership on how to best evolve the structure of IUI to help it continue to be a strong and successful conference

I serve in the Editorial Board of ACM TOMM, TELOS magazine, Learning Inquiry Magazine, Frontiers of Digital Health, IEEE TCSS, Foundations and Trends in HCI and ACM IMWUT (journal on Ubiquitous computing linked to ACM Ubicomp conference). 

I am guest editor for the ITU Journal "ICT Discoveries", special issue on "Data for Good" (2018) and editor of the Pervasive Computing Journal, special issue on "Conversational User Interfaces and Interactions" (2018).

I am a commitee member of the Chaires of Artificial Intelligence by the French Government (2019)

I am a ethics advisory committee member of the Data Against Corona taksforce by the Belgium Government (2020)

I am a member of the Orange D4D External Ethic Panel (DEEP), an expert in Bankinter's Foundation Future Trends Forum and a member of the High Level Advisory Board to the Spanish new research and innovation plan (2017-2020).

I am a reviewer of MIT TR35 Young Innovator Awards (Spain and Latino America editions) since 2015.

I am a reviewer of ACM Future of Computing Academy 2017, ACM KDD PhD dissertation award (2017, 2018), French National Research Agenda on AI (2019)

I teach in the Artificial Intelligence course organized by the International University of La Rioja (UNIR)

I have served in the PhD thesis committee of the thesis of Jose Luis Landabaso (UPC'08), Pere Obrador (UPC'11), Juan Pablo Carrascal (UPF'15), Ruth Garcia Gavilanes (UPF'15), Janette Lehman (UPF'15), Albert Aminen (ESADE'17), Taras Agryzkov (Univ Alicante'18), Marie Al-Ghossein (ParisTech'19) and Aurelia Busto (UA'19), among others

I have served in the Full Professor evaluation committee of Prof. Oscar Camara (UPF'19) and Davinia Hernandez (UPF'19)

Conference Chairing

ICCV 2025General co-chair
ACM IUI 2020General co-chair
ECAI 2020Associate chair
TheWeb 2019 (formerly ACM WWW) Sponsorship co-chair
ACM Mobile HCI 2018General co-chair
ACM Multimedia 2017Track co-chair
EAI Pervasive Health 2017General co-chair
IEEE ICDM 2016Demo Track co-chair
IEEE Mobile Data Management  2016Industrial Track co-chair
ACM DH  2016Track co-chair
ACM Digital Health 2015 (co-located with WWW 2015)Track Chair (mobile and wearables)
1st Int. Workshop on Telco-Data Driven Innovations in ICDM 2014 Workshop Co-chair and founder
ACM MM 2014Track Co-chair and founder (Big and Broad Multimedia)
ACM WWW 2013Track Co-chair (HCI and Mobile Computing)
ACM ICMI 2012Area chair
ACM IUI 2012Program Committee and Doctoral Symposium Co-chair
ACM ICMI 2011Sponsorship Co-chair and Program Committee
UMAP 2011General Co-chair
IJCAI 2011Industry Day Co-chair
ACM MobileHCI 2010 Associate Chair
ACM MIR 2010Technical Program Co-Chair
ACM IUI 2009 Technical Program Co-Chair

Program Committees

TheWeb 2021 (former ACM WWW) Senior Program Committee
KDD 2020 Senior Program Committee
ACM RecSys 2019 Senior Program Committee
ACM KDD 2019 Best PhD dissertation award jury member
ACM KDD 2019 Senior Program Committee
ACM Digital Health 2019 Senior Program Committee
ACM IUI 2019 Senior Program Committee
ACM WWW 2019 Senior Program Committee
ACM Digital Health 2018 Senior Program Committee
IMWUT 2018Program Committee
ACM KDD 2018Senior Program Committee
AAAI 2018Program Committee
ACM IUI 2018Senior Program Committee
ACM WWW 2018Senior Program Committee
UAI 2017Senior Program Committee
SocInfo 2017Program Committee
ACM CIKM 2017Program Committee
ACM IUI 2018Senior Program Committee
ACM Digital Health 2017Senior Program Committee
ACM WWW 2017Senior Program Committee
ACM MobileHCI 2017Program Committee
IEEE Mobile Data Management (MDM) 2017Program Committee
ACM IUI 2017Senior Program Committee
AAAI 2017Program Committee
SocInfo 2016Program Committee (best reviewer recognition)
Workshop on Big Data and Deep Learning in HPC 2016Program Committee
ACM Digital Health 2016Program Committee
ACM RecSys 2016Program Committee
ACM MobileHCI  2016Program Committee
ACM Ubicomp  2016Program Committee
AAAI  ICWSM  2016Senior Program Committee
ACM WWW 2016Senior Program Committee
AAAI  2016Program Committee
ACM IUI 2016Senior Program Committee
IEEE Smart Cities 2015Program Committee
ACM RecSys 2015Program Committee
UAI 2015Senior Program Committee
ECML-PKDD 2015Senior Program Committee
ACM Ubicomp 2015Program Committee
ACM MobileHCI 2015Senior Program Committee
ACM IUI 2015Senior Program Committee
AAAI ICWSM 2015 Senior Program Committee
NetMob 2015Program Committee
3rd Int. Workshop on Socially-Aware Multimedia in ACM MM 2014Program Committee
IEEE IWMV 2014Program Committee
ACM Ubicomp 2014Program Committee
AAAI ICWSM 2014Program Committee
UAI 2014Program Committee
ACM RecSys 2014Program Committee
IEEE ICASSP 2014Program Committee
ACM WWW 2014Program Committee
ACM IUI 2014Senior Program Committee
AAAI 2013 Senior Program Committee
UAI 2013Senior Program Committee
NetMob 2013 Program Committee
ACM MM 2012Program Committee
ACM MobileHCI 2012Program Committee
UAI 2012Senior Program Committee
PervasiveHealth 2012 Program Committee
IEEE IWMV 2011 (in ICCV 2011) Program Committee
SocialUrb 2011Program Committee
NetMob 2011 Program Committee
ACM Ubicomp 2011Program Committee
ACM RecSys 2011Program Committee
ACM Multimedia 2011Program Committee
IEEE SSCI 2011Program Committee
OZCHI 2011Program Committee
ACM MobileHCI 2011Program Committee
MONET 2011Program Committee
AAAI 2011 (PGAI Track)Program Committee
IEEE CVPR 2011Program Committee
ACM IUI 2011Program Committee
NetMob 2010 Program Committee
UMAP 2010Program Committee
ACM WWW 2010Program Committee
SocialCom 2010Program Committee
Interaccion 2010Program Committee
IEEE ICPR 2010Program Committee
ACM IUI 2010Program Committee
AMR 2009 Program Committee
ACM Multimedia 2009Program Committee
ACM ICMI-MLMI 2009 Program Committee
International Workshop on Video 2009Event Co-organizer
IEEE ICCV 2009Program Committee
ACM MM 2009Program Committee
IJCAI 2009 Program Committee
Interaccion 2009Program Committee
UMAP 2009 Program Committee
LOCA 2009 Program Committee
AAAI-SpringSymp 2009 Program Committee
MMM 2009 Program Committee
PervasiveHealth 2009 Program Committee
AAAI 2008 Program Committee
CSTST 2008 Program Committee

In addition, I am a regular reviewer for the CVPR, CHI, IJCAI, AAAI, IUI, MobileHCI, Interaccion, NIPS, ICML, ISWC, ICMI, Pervasive, Ubicomp, PervasiveHealth conferences and IEEE TPAMI, IEEE TMM, IEEE TCSVT, Pervasive Mobile Computing, etc....

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